February 18, 2024

Check The Legal Status of CBD Before Carrying Your CBD Kit To A Foreign Land

CBD oil has been legalized in many countries and has become a mainstream health supplement. Even after achieving legal status, traveling with CBD products comes with restrictions. In countries that are not CBD-friendly, taking your CBD kit can create trouble for you. 

Both North America and Germany are lucrative markets for the cannabis business and have legalized the use of CBD provided that the THC content is strictly regulated according to state laws. This is not the global scenario though and having a good idea about the CBD-friendliness of the country before traveling internationally will keep you out of legal matters in a foreign land. 

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The legal status of CBD globally

Let us shortlist the countries for you where you can easily travel with your CBD kit and you will not miss out on your regular doses of CBD oil especially if you are taking it for getting symptomatic relief from a chronic illness. 

The countries where CBD has been given legal status and you can take your CBD product without worrying about any legal issues are:

  1. North America:
  • Apart from Idaho, Iowa, and South Dakota, CBD is legal in the rest of North America. 
  • However, some countries like Mexico may ask you for a medical prescription as they only allow medical use of CBD products. 
  • Also, in Costa Rica and Jamaica, CBD use is not a criminal act, but is also not legal. 
  1. South and Central America:
  • Many countries in this region that have legalized the use of CBD strictly regulate the THC content of the CBD products that you are bringing across the border. 
  • Columbia allows the THC content to be 1% of the dry weight of your CBD product while Costa Rica laws limit the THC content to 0.3% or less. 
  • Similarly, Brazil limits THC concentration to 0.2% despite being the highest consumer of CBD products. 
  1. Asia:
  • Most of the Asian countries have strict bans again CBD use and can put you behind bars except for 3 countries. 
  • It is safe to bring your CBD kit to India. 
  • You will need a medical prescription for carrying CBD products in South Korea. 
  • If you are traveling to Thailand, you will have to apply for a permit from the FDA. 
  1. Europe:
  • Germany, the UK, France, and The Netherlands all permit the use of CBD products but the THC content must be very strictly regulated. 
  • Most require you to use a THC-free form of CBD only. 
  1. Africa:
  • Only South Africa has passed laws that permit the use of CBD containing THC in a concentration less than 0.001%.
  1. Australia:
  • With a medical prescription, you can safely use CBD in Australia. 

Be prepared before you plan your next strip as you want to completely avoid legal considerations against you in a foreign land. Getting into trouble when all you wanted was to spend some good time traveling should be the last thing on your mind. Slowly many countries are legalizing CBD use and it is just a matter of a few years before the ban on CBD will be lifted globally.