Advanced Driving Reducing the Risk of Work-Related Road Accidents

In the 12 years since 1999, 62,000 people have died in road traffic accidents. Over 500 000 were injured in workplace-related road crashes. It is becoming a more vulnerable sector for employees who must drive for their jobs. These may seem alarming figures. However, advanced driving courses can dramatically reduce the risk that all road users face, especially those who are driving for work.

Road accidents not just cause destruction for those involved but can also have severe reputational, financial, or legal implications for employers. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle involved is company car, commercial vehicle, or employee driving their own car to work. Employers suffer from road crashes that are related to their business.

Employer responsibilities

As an employer, you have to take into account the safety competences of your employees as you assign them jobs. They must be properly trained before being exposed. Remember, professional drivers have their workplace on the road.

Driver mistakes are responsible for 95% of collisions

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents 95% of traffic accidents occur due to driver mistakes. To reduce the chance of you being hurt or for others, it is a good idea to improve your driving skills.

Minimize your risk when driving to work

You will forget some of the things you learned and end up with bad driving habits, regardless of how long you hold your driving license. This is why continuing training is essential to help you become a more proficient, prepared and vigilant driver who is able to spot danger signs and maintain control of the car.

Advanced drivers are 25% less likely than to collide

Advanced drivers have higher levels of observation and are better at anticipating changes. These enhanced driving skills and knowledge will save you money and protect you.

Regain skills many drivers forget

The safe drivers course will help you drive safely and confidently across all roads. The course will cover reading the road ahead, driving in different weather conditions, as well as how to position your car. Many drivers slowly lose or forget these skills.

Develop your driving skills in business and at home

This will help you to be a safer driver and make your driving more efficient. These advanced skills will not only help your employer’s business but it will also benefit you personally.

Road users should be aware that the roads can be dangerous. People who drive for work have a greater chance of being involved in a collision with a vehicle. You can reduce the risk of being involved in a road traffic accident by increasing your driver knowledge and skills.

You should not consider teaching your loved ones to drive before you hire professionals

It is well known that driving lessons have become more expensive over time. This is because of the overall cost of operating a driving school, which includes fuel, franchises, and car expenses, as well as the costs for qualified driving instructors who have to pass strict exams.

Although most people wish to be helpful and teach their loved ones, it can also be very useful. But, what if you try this and end up fighting with the person that you’re trying to learn? You may have wondered why this is. These are the main reasons you’re not certified to drive. Instead, you’re teaching what your brain knows, such as Slow Down, Change Gear, and Stop at the Junction. Don’t get too close to parked cars. The problem with this part is that you haven’t told the person why or how to fix it. People fall out because they don’t realize they are making these mistakes.

Driving Instructors are well-trained in How, When, Why, and Where to do these things. They also can break everything down into smaller pieces. How many people have instructed a driver to use a bicycle to get around parked cars and buses because they were taught this way? This is not something that has been taught since around 15 years ago. A false indication can lead to others. Road position, however, gives clear signals to others approaching from behind. There are many modifications.

If you consider helping someone you care deeply about, it is best to leave that to the professionals. Although you should be able to help with private practice, why not work together and discuss how you can assist the instructor. This will save time while maintaining quality driving techniques.