LMS for Health and Social Care

Why is a Learning Management System (LMS), well suited to the Health and Social Care sector?

The Health and Social Care sector relates to any organisation which provides healthcare support to people, for example hospitals, dentists and any specialist support like physiotherapy. This also includes Social Care Support, such as nursing homes, foster caring and nurseries. This means the Health and Social Care sector includes any organisation or service which helps people live more independent, healthier lives.

We believe that a great Learning Management System (LMS) at will aid all Health and Social Care organisations. This is because of the type of work that the sector undertakes is always busy. This is where using an LMS will help save time and resource across your Learning and Development. This means your learners can complete e-Learning on the go, on any device connected to the internet.

How can my organisation track the e-Learning?  

With your staff always busy, completing their e-Learning across a range of devices and at different times, you might think how your organisation can track what their completed learning?

By utilising an LMS, your organisation will have access to real time data, allowing you to track, monitor and even assign e-Learning to individual Health and Social Care workers, to improve Learning and Development.

An LMS will play a fundamental part in your Health and Social Care organisation. It will support your Learning and Development strategy and act as an extension of your current Learning and Development Team. An intuitive LMS can save admin time by automating tasks, assign learning to specific job roles and generate high level reports to show compliance. This is particularly important when it comes to inspections and audits on your organisation.

Is an LMS worth the investment for my Social Care organisation?

Absolutely! Although investing in a new resource can sometimes be a time consuming and costly process, we have highlighted some of the key benefits you’ll find invaluable for your Health and Social Care organisation. Many LMS’ will provide you with all-in-one software, that will include the following benefits and features:

  • Delivery of online e-Learning.
  • Track progression through reports.
  • Add policies and procedures for your staff to read and sign.
  • Produce certificates for completed learning and upload existing certificates.
  • Customise learning pathways for specific job roles or care staff.
  • Monitor large and small social care teams with the ability to allocate different training to different branches.
  • A complete booking system to allocate workshops and incorporate virtual training sessions over Zoom.
  • Incorporates different types of e-Learning to support a blended learning approach.

Where can I get started with a Learning Management System for my Health and Social Care Organisation?

We recommend reviewing your current Learning and Development needs along with budgetary requirements. Once you have reviewed these, we recommend compiling a list of requirements based off your review. Work out how your company will utilise and benefit from implementing an LMS into your social care organisation.

If you’d like to learn more about a fantastic Learning Management Systems, specifically designed for Health and Social Care, visit our website to book a free consultation and take advantage of over 100 CPD certified courses. Contact us at