June 13, 2024

The Structural Components within the Push-Back Racking Mechanism

Pushback racking is a type of gravity flow shelving that organizes the storage of pallets on trolleys that are nested on inclined rails. When containers are loaded or emptied from the system, each pallet needs its dedicated cart, which will move along angled rails in an upward and downward motion. When something gets loaded onto an automatic back rack system, the pallet gets put into a cart, which then pushes the pallet that is located at the picking face backward one spot. This makes it possible for the following cart to become available while the previous pallet continues to rest on the rails. This results in a Boltless Racking System Malaysia that operates on a “last-in, first-out” basis. During the process of unloading, the pallet that was located in the top position is transferred to the back position where it is removed and serves as a brake for the subsequent cart as it moves to the front location for picking.

  • Utilization of Available Space at a High Density

When it comes to making the most of available space and maintaining a high storage density, cold storage, and other climate-controlled conditions are ideal for push-back racking systems. For both carrying and removing pallets, this gravity-driven system requires only a single lane to be available. This provides an advantage to the system in that each row of goods can be picked easily because they are all easily accessible. The entire area of the system is cut down thanks to the system’s single-aisle access. This form of storage system has better selectivity than others since it allows many groups of product lines to be placed on each row. Furthermore, the arrangement of color-coded carts offers this type of collection system a higher selectivity.

  • Push Back The Rack System Requirements and Specifications

The push-back rack for a one-sided system can be placed against a wall, but the push-back rack for a dual-sided system must be placed in the center aisle. Push-back shelving systems have the capability of storing a maximum of six (6) boxes deep and can be adapted to accommodate any operation. Systems are often constructed to have four levels, each of which is capable of accommodating either a forklift or a reach truck as a mode of retrieval. Because trucks are prohibited from entering the system, there is very little risk of damage to the uprights, and the system requires very little to no upkeep as a result.Because nested carts take up a very small amount of vertical space, Storage Racks Malaysia has a generous amount of space available for storing pallets vertically. Each cart is durable enough to carry heavy items or be used for cold storage since it is equipped with wheels made of stainless steel. The normal capacity of a pallet role in other types of pallet cabinet systems is 3,000 pounds, but a push-out rack can be created with an even larger capacity.